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Greetings - for those of you who prefer to have your music with the actual cd and jewel box accompanying it, I have lowered the price of my second cd SO BLUE on the CDBaby website.
Let's hope 2011 is a great year - a toast to love, peace and joy.
We've been added to the BoCoCa Art Festival on Friday, June 25th at 7:45pm. All music in the festival is FREEEE so come on out to hear me and Andrew Green at the Archip Gallery Theater at 498 Court Street in Brooklyn.
We had a great turn out and a great evening at the Metropolitan Room. Thank you everyone.
You can buy your tickets now on-line and save a few bucks and ensure your seat. We sold out last time so I want to make sure that you're able to be there with us on THURSDAY, JUNE 10 at 7:30pm.
More details to come...for now please put it on your calendar!
Thank you everyone for coming out to see me, sending good wishes and for wanting to be there at the Metropolitan Room last night. You packed the house!! As in SOLD OUT. I am much obliged to you all!
It's almost here...Our debut at the Metropolitan Room here in New York and the official CD release party for A Stranger in Town. I would definitely suggest that you make a reservation for this event. Please call 212.206.0440 or you can purchase in advance on-line I look forward to seeing you this Thursday night at 7:30pm - March 25th.
Our debut at the Metropolitan Room is fast approaching on Thursday, March 25th at 7:30pm.
Adele Zane: A Stranger in Town
Save the date. I'll be performing at the Metropolitan Room in NYC on Thursday, March 25 at 7:30pm.
Now available for download on iTunes
I've uploaded all the tunes from the new album. Click the "Music" button and you can take a listen. Let me know what you think. Thank you.
Here is the link: Please feel free to use the link and to share it with your friends. I'll get the music up on here this weekend. Reviews and comments are much appreciated !
I will be going back into the studio this week to finish up the mixing of my latest project, A STRANGER IN TOWN, an eleven song album of jazz, pop, country and one bluesy original of my very own composition. I'll keep you posted. Next is the cover which I think is harder than the actual recording of the tunes!!
for Rett Syndrome 1/29/09 Adele Zane Quartet please see Calendar for more details
I wish you all love, peace and joy in this new year.
Hi People - You can find me on MySpace as well as Facebook now. I've embraced them both. They really are addictive. A great opportunity to find old friends and make new ones.
That's my MySpace address. Check it out. I think it's looking pretty good. You can hear entire songs, read fascinating stuff about me and see all my "friends". If you're on MySpace send me an invite, okay?
I have resisted creating a myspace page for myself forever. Lots of people have urged me to make one and have even promised me that they would indeed be my "friends" if I did. So, I finally have and it's such a work in progress that I hesitate to even mention it, but it's there for what it's worth. I'll try to add stuff to make it interesting and different from my website.
Hi. I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. Okay, a long time. Sorry to be so out of touch. I had a bit of a setback, but am now up and running again. Thank you for writing and asking what's up and where I've been. So, what I'm up to at the moment: I'm going into the studio to do a third CD. I'm putting together song ideas and thinking of maybe doing a theme with this one. A unique concept, right? As a wonderful musician with about 25 CD's already under his belt once told me, "You've got to document your progress, woman." Okay, I can do that....
Thank you to all of the people who came to my gig last Friday at the Cutting Room. My apologies for the long wait - the act before me just didn't want to leave the stage! Something I can certainly relate to. It definitely tested people's patience and I thank you for hanging in there. Once we got past that, we had a wonderful evening. Thank you to my incredible musicians - Tim Harrison, Scott Latzky, Bill Moring and Rich Rosenblatt. My friend, Bonita took some great pictures and I'll be uploading them shortly. Hey! They're actually clear too, not blurry, and you can really see me! Thanks Bonita.
For the October 27th Friday night gig at The Cutting Room we'll have Tim Harrison, Bill Moring, Scott Latzky and Rich Rosenblatt.
I'll be singing at The Cutting Room on Friday, October 27, 2006 at 9:30pm. I'll let you know who will be playing with me and what we'll be playing as soon as I have it all figured out! More news to come.
I've returned from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Whew! What a trip. The parties, the food, the celebs. Where do I start? Check out the photos from my trip at the bottom in the Photo Gallery.
Ka'ching - that's the sound of me losing my quarters and my mind in the slot machines at Mandalay Bay. Aaahhhhhh!!! Swoon. That's the sound of me in the audience at the MGM Grand listening to my idol, TOM JONES. Yes, I love him, but this is my website and it will not be turned into a shrine for Sir Jones even though I think he is the greatest of entertainers. He has it all. His voice is spectacular and he can move like you wouldn’t believe. If I had an extra pair of panties that weren’t on me, I would have sling-shotted them his way. I highly recommend his Reloaded CD. Go get it now. I also recommend Zumanity at New York New York. I'm still trying to figure out if Joey Arias is the host of this Cirque du Soleil show or if he's just an uncanny look alike.
A gargantuan thank you to Executive Chef David Robins for showing us such a good time at Spago at Caesars Palace and Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at the MGM Grand and Trattoria del Lupo at Mandalay Bay. Also, THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay is simply fabulous. You've gotta stay there while in Vegas if you can. It's one of the newest hotels on the Strip and it's gorgeous.
I have to share this...I was part of my own celebrity sighting! The lovely hostess at Buddha’s Belly on Beverly recognized me and my entourage from the night before at Boa on Sunset Boulevard. She apparently works at both restaurants. She said she loved the color of my hair. How flattering.
I am a big fan of a certain late night talk show host and could not wait to go to a taping of his show. I have to say that being an "audience enhancer" as we in the audience were referred to, was not too cool. We were directed to clap and laugh on cue, no matter what was going on. When the warm-up guy pointed at the audience, we better be clapping or else. We practiced this difficult task over and over before the host even came out. As you might expect my hands were already worn out from clapping at the Oscars the night before for five hours straight . At least at the Oscars we could clap however and whenever we felt the urge. I have always found this Host to be hilarious, not to mention gorgeous, but even I admit I lost steam half way through his show and was starting to get annoyed with the on-cue clapping. It didn’t matter how many Milky Way minis they plied me with. I lost it when the musical act was announced; we clapped with expectation and then were informed that they had taped their segment earlier in the day. Okay, now we need you to clap as if they’ve just finished a great song. Right. Not to worry. I worked those MM minis and my annoyance off by walking down two flights of stairs in my 4” platform heels to exit the building. Audience Enhancers don’t get access to elevators. It’s probably because their hands are incapable of pushing the floor buttons after all that clapping. They don’t get parting t-shirts or coffee cups as souvenirs either. What I regret the most is that I didn’t even catch the host’s eye once. In fact, he never really acknowledged our presence. Wouldn’t it be easier to just get a laugh track? Oh, I guess that costs money and it’s cheaper to just get unwitting lunkheads – for free. I still adore him, though. He has a wicked self-effacing wit that is so refreshing and did I say a real looker? Of course, now I understand why no one seemed to be enthused when I glowingly announced that I was going to a studio taping. Call me naïve, but why didn’t anyone warn me? If dreamy-eyed tourists heading to Los Angeles knew what they were in for at these tapings, they would head for the La Brea Tar Pits instead.
The Academy Awards was a definite experience. I walked the Red Carpet and was a celebrity myself - at least in my mind - for the short time it took to walk it. Yes, I saw lots of celebrities but I didn’t necessarily get to sit next to them. Maybe next year. Such a treat to be part of this annual event. It offers an escape from the world for the better part of an evening. I won’t say too much because if you are at all interested in the Awards, you saw it all on television and don’t need me to tell you about it.
I have been invited to attend the Academy Awards in Los Angeles next weekend. I am very excited and going to the Awards requires a fabulous dress, right? I would like to send a big thank you to Jose and Malini of Donna Karan New York for their assistance in making my outfit happen and a special thank you to Rob of Max Mara.
Adele’s Voice Listenin’ to Adele’s voice Is like listenin’ to heaven On a scale of one to ten I’d give her a ninety seven Adele’s voice is so strong Adele’s voice is so sweet She’s a true, honest song Walkin’ down the street (Thank you Simone for letting me share this - I absolutely love it.)
Thank you to everyone who has supported my music. The top digital downloads from SO BLUE are "Cry Me A River" which features bassist Hilliard Greene and "Black Coffee" which features the Frank Ponzio Trio.
I just uploaded some snippets of a couple songs from the October 7th gig.
Some new photos from our October 7th gig at the Cutting Room. If any one has more photos from that performance, please send them to me as I'd love to put them up. Thanks!
Thank you to everyone who came out to my gig on Friday night to hear great music and to celebrate my birthday. It was an incredibIe evening and I couldn't have asked for more!! Thank you to The Cutting Room, my wonderful musicians: Jon Dryden, Tom Hubbard and Scott Latzky and to all of you for making it possible. I will have some new photos to put up real soon. Until next time, be well.
The line-up for the Cutting Room will be Jon Dryden, Tom Hubbard and Scott Latzky. See you then.
Back at the Cutting Room with Jon Dryden and Tom Hubbard. Not sure about Jim Clouse, yet. He's still recovering from his broken leg. Keep your fingers crossed.
I am donating all proceeds from cd sales of SO BLUE to the American Red Cross. Please click on this link which will take you to my CDBaby page to purchase my CD:
We'll return there on Friday, October 7, 2005.
Jon Dryden, Tom Hubbard and Rob Garcia will be joining me on stage! We'll be doing some jazz, some blues and maybe even a country tune or two if the mood strikes us. Reservations are definitely suggested.
I have added a bunch of photos to my Photo Gallery. Thank you to Richard Rosenblatt, Gail Lindstrom and Ken Praprocki for your contributions to the Gallery and for the assistance in documenting my many hairdo's. Let me know what you think...
Thank you to everyone that came out last Friday night to see me at the Cutting Room. It was a great gig!
I'll be back at the Cutting Room on Friday, May 20, 2005. Please mark your calendar and book your flight now!
You can now purchase my new CD, SO BLUE, at
Thank you so much to all of the people who came out to the Cutting Room on Friday night to cheer me on at my cd release party for SO BLUE. It was an overwhelming turnout and I'm sorry there weren't enough seats to accommodate everyone comfortably. Despite that, I'm glad everyone had a good time. I'll be back soon to the Cutting Room.

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