A Best Kept Secret - Studio Tapings Stink

I am a big fan of a certain late night talk show host and could not wait to go to a taping of his show. I have to say that being an "audience enhancer" as we in the audience were referred to, was not too cool. We were directed to clap and laugh on cue, no matter what was going on. When the warm-up guy pointed at the audience, we better be clapping or else. We practiced this difficult task over and over before the host even came out. As you might expect my hands were already worn out from clapping at the Oscars the night before for five hours straight . At least at the Oscars we could clap however and whenever we felt the urge. I have always found this Host to be hilarious, not to mention gorgeous, but even I admit I lost steam half way through his show and was starting to get annoyed with the on-cue clapping. It didn’t matter how many Milky Way minis they plied me with. I lost it when the musical act was announced; we clapped with expectation and then were informed that they had taped their segment earlier in the day. Okay, now we need you to clap as if they’ve just finished a great song. Right. Not to worry. I worked those MM minis and my annoyance off by walking down two flights of stairs in my 4” platform heels to exit the building. Audience Enhancers don’t get access to elevators. It’s probably because their hands are incapable of pushing the floor buttons after all that clapping. They don’t get parting t-shirts or coffee cups as souvenirs either. What I regret the most is that I didn’t even catch the host’s eye once. In fact, he never really acknowledged our presence. Wouldn’t it be easier to just get a laugh track? Oh, I guess that costs money and it’s cheaper to just get unwitting lunkheads – for free. I still adore him, though. He has a wicked self-effacing wit that is so refreshing and did I say a real looker? Of course, now I understand why no one seemed to be enthused when I glowingly announced that I was going to a studio taping. Call me naïve, but why didn’t anyone warn me? If dreamy-eyed tourists heading to Los Angeles knew what they were in for at these tapings, they would head for the La Brea Tar Pits instead.

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